Cheese Steak Shop FREMONT
Caution: May Be Habit FormingĀ®
Fremont Customer Comment:

"I was craving a Philly cheese steak. Good thing we remembered the Cheese Steak Shop. We ordered the classic Philly with onions, sweet and hot peppers and shared some curly fries. Yum Yum! The place was busy, the service was fast and friendly and the cheese steaks were done to the way a cheese steak ought to be -- the perfect ratios of meat, cheese, onions, peppers. Curly fries were hot, cooked to a delicious slight crunch on the outside, tender on the inside. Couldn't ask for better.
And as we were eating, we started talking about the fact that it's people like THESE who make America. Not the Bill Gates types, no... it's the guy who runs the little neighborhood places like a cheese steak restaurant, gives you instant delicious satisfaction in good food."